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Privacy Notice

The following is the site privacy rules. Privacy Notice
We ensure that our employees and our service personnel must be properly obtained, the use and management of personal information. To this end, we ensure strict compliance with international standards on privacy. Apart from this there are the laws more restrictive local conditions, that provision applies worldwide.

We are committed to do the following:

1, strict compliance with proper collection and use of your personal information provisions; comply with its legal obligations, the explicit use of user information purpose; data clearly illustrate the provisions of special protection to protect users' personal information, according to the website by law to properly collect and process personal data; ensure personal information is accurate; examined and decided to save the information limit of time for the user, make sure that users can exercise their individual rights, the application of technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information.

2, your personal information for the site in advance, we strive to ensure that allow users to include the following points: the purpose of collecting information; for information purposes; identity of each party and to receive information that they use for information purposes; how to apply the personal information copy sent.

3, we have on our website will not even connect a responsibility to protect the privacy, it applies only to individual users registered on this site.